The Wolf's Mouth

67 minutes

The love story of a petty criminal and the transsexual he met in jail is juxtaposed to images of Genova in the 19th century and nowadays. Beautifully shot and edited documentary that is more of a poetic essay than a standard genre entry; mesmerizing to look at, but rather bewildering.

A BIM Distribuzione release. Fondazione San Marcellino presents an Indigo Film/L'Avventurosa Film production, in collaboration with RAI Cinema, Babe Films; produced with the contribution of Provincia di Genova.
With Vincenzo Motta, Mary Monaco; narrator, Franco Leo.
Directed and photographed (colour) by Pietro Marcello; produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima, Dario Zonta; music by Marco Messina, Massimiliano Sacchi, Nino Bruno; film editor and archival researcher, Sara Fgaier; sound, Emmanuele Vernillo.
Screened: IndieLisboa festival advance DVD screener, Lisbon, April 18th 2010.


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