99 minutes

A psychiatrist married to a financial executive is intrigued by a young call girl prone to panic attacks and they begin circling each other. Well-made but bloodless combination of character study and relationship drama with political thriller elements, very seventies-ish in its structure; impeccable credits and a superb central performance aren't enough to overcome a few longueurs and a rather pointless coda.

Paulo Trancoso presents a Costa do Castelo Filmes/Cinemate/Taiga Filmes co-production, with financial support from ANCINE, Ibermedia programme, FICA, Ministério da Cultura-Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Rádio e Televisão de Portugal. (Portuguese distributor, Costa do Castelo Filmes).
Starring Beatriz Batarda, Virgílio Castelo, Débora Monteiro; special guest, Romana.
Directed by João Mário Grilo; produced by Paulo Trancoso, Ana Costa; written by Rui Cardoso Martins, Tereza Coelho; music by Wagner Tiso; director of photography (Tobis), Rui Poças; art director, Sílvia Grabowski; wardrobe, Vera Midões; film editor, Paulo Milhomens.
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Cinema City Classic Alvalade 3 (Lisbon), June 15th 2010.


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