89 minutes

A harried suburban housewife finds her world opening up unexpectedly when she discovers she is good at puzzles. Sensible, charming character study that effortlessly overcomes its slight narrative through attentive performances and handling.

A Carrousel Films/Las Niñas Pictures/Zarlek Producciones/Natalia Smirnoff presentation/production, with the support of INCAA, Fonds Sud Cinéma. (International distributor, Memento Films International.)
Starring María Onetto, Gabriel Goity, Arturo Goetz; special guest, Henny Troiles.
Directed and written by Natalia Smirnoff; produced by Gabriel Pastore, Caroline Dhainaut, Luis Sartor, Ms. Smirnoff; music by Alejandro Franov; director of photography (Cinecolor), Bárbara Alvarez; art director, Maria Eugenia Sueiro; costume designer, Julio Suárez; film editor, Natacha Valerga.
Screened: Berlin Film Festival advance press screening, Cinemaxx 9 (Berlin) February 17th 2010.


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