Great Britain
86 minutes

Two former college roommates who haven’t seen each other in six years meet up for a weekend in London, and find themselves bumping into people from their past. Quirky comedy drama which bears all the trademarks of its author yet somehow fails to live up to his usual standard; it gets better in the second half.

Channel Four Films presents a Thin Man production in association with Matrix Films and Television Partnership (Number 1).
Starring Katrin Cartlidge, Lynda Steadman; Mark Benton, Kate Byers, Andy Serkis, Joe Tucker.
Directed and written by Mike Leigh; produced by Simon Channing-Williams; music by Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Tony Remy; director of photography (Metrocolor), Dick Pope; production designer, Eve Stewart; film editor, Robin Sales.
Screened: DVD, July 30th 2010. 


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