87 minutes

A bright young man marries the woman he loves but feels stifled by her protective family and frustrated in his daily life. Gently melancholy comedy about the reality of love and marriage, full of ingenious narrative and visual finds.

CAPAC, Madeleine Films, Les Productions de la Gueville, Paul Claudon present a Paul Claudon production. (Original French distributor, Twentieth Century-Fox; French restoration distributor, Carlotta Films. World sales, Studio 37/Carlotta Films.)
Starring Pierre Étaix; Annie Fratellini, Nicole Calfan; and Alain Janey, Ketty France, Louis Maïss.
Directed by Mr. Étaix; produced by Mr. Claudon; written by Mr. Étaix and Jean-Claude Carrière; music by Claude Stieremans; director of photography (LTC), Jean Boffety; production and costume designer, Daniel Louradour; film editor, Henri Lanoë.
Screened: Festa do Cinema Francês advance DVD screener, Lisbon, September 27th 2010.


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