The Suitor

83 minutes

A young man has a series of romantic misadventures in search of his ideal wife, unaware the right girl for him is right under his nose. Gently melancholy farce revealing a purely visual comedy talent that followed in the footsteps of Jacques Tati but never received equal recognition.

Paul Claudon presents a CAPAC/Cocinor production. (French reissue distributor, Carlotta Films. World sales, Studio 37, Carlotta Films.)
Starring France Arnell, Pierre Étaix, Laurence Lignères, Claude Massot, Denise Peronne, Karin Vesely.
Directed by Mr. Étaix; written by Mr. Étaix and Jean-Claude Carrière; music by Jean Paillaud; director of photography (b&w), Pierre Levent; art director, Raymond Tournon; wardrobe, Yvonne Suné; film editor, Pierre Gillette.
Screened: Festa do Cinema Francês advance DVD screener, Lisbon, September 24th 2010.


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