73 minutes

Interviewed during the Summer of 1968, the French speak their minds about eroticism, art, violence, advertising, man's trip to the moon and other topical subjects. A bitter look at the state of late 1960s France where the interviews and statements are skillfully edited into a sort of unwittingly surrealist comedy; a ferociously violent critical reception and commercial disaster effectively killed its author's career as a film director.

Paul Claudon presents a CAPAC production. (Original French distributor, Parafrance; French restoration distributor, Carlotta Films. World sales, Studio 37/Carlotta Films.)
Directed and conceived by Pierre Étaix; camera (Eclair), Georges Lendi; film editor, Michel Lewin.
Screened: Festa do Cinema Francês advance DVD screener, Lisbon, September 27th 2010.


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