72 minutes

A funeral attendant mourns a lover he never really knew. Bewilderingly vague, plotless drama that looks good but goes nowhere during its mercifully short length.

A Gray Daisy Films presentation/production.
Starring Vincent Gallo, Delfine Bafort; Sage Stallone, Lisa Love, Hope Tomaselli, Brenda Epperson, Livia Trevino, Patrick O'Connor.
Directed, produced, written and edited by Mr. Gallo; music by Mr. Gallo; director of photography (b&w), Masanobu Takayanagi.
Screened: Venice Film Festival advance press screening, Palazzo del Cinema - Sala Darsena (Venice), September 6th 2010. 


Markus Hahn said…
The film is 75 minutes long and was shot in black and white super 16mm film. It is not about a funeral attendant mourning a lover he never knew and whomever wrote that may have not actually seen the film. See IMDB for plot info. The films story felt easy to understand though the film is extremely minimal. This is one of the most interesting, beautiful and totally original films I have ever seen. With that said, Vincent Gallo remains the most talented and original filmmaker the United States of America has produced in 20 years.

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