Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

179 minutes

The rise and fall of Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu as seen through official film and television footage from 1965 through 1989. Staggering documentary assemblage of meticulously researched archival footage structured like a chronological chronicle of the Romanian regime's history, without any voiceover or historical context, allowing the images themselves to tell both the official and the real history of the times.

Directed by Andrei Ujica; produced by Velvet Moraru; screenplay by Mr. Ujica, from an original idea by Mr. Moraru; screenplay consultant, Razvan Radulescu; archival footage research, Titus Muntean; film editor and sound designer, Dana Bunescu.
An Icon Production presentation/production, in association with Societatea Romana de Televizune; with the support of Centrului National al Cinematografiei, HFG/ZKM Filminstitut; with the participation of The Media Partnership; developed in collaboration with Neue Mira Filmproduktion with the support of Nordmedia Fonds. 
Screened: Estoril Film Festival 2010 advance DVD screener, Lisbon, October 30th 2010.


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