71 minutes

A documentary on the experience of living in remote Mongolia. Atmospheric documentary tone poem on isolation more interesting for its formal qualities.

Directed and written by Anna Sanmartí; produced by Marta Andreu; director of photography (colour), Pau Mirabet; film editor, Vep Culleré.
A Drimtim Entertainment/Estudi Playtime presentation/production, in co-production with Televisió de Catalunya; with the support of Institut Catalá de les Indústries Culturals; with the participation of Canal Sur Televisión, Grup Radiotelevisió Valenciana, Televisión de Galicia, Euskal Telebista, Televisión Autonómica de Canarias, Televisión Autonómica de Castilla-La Mancha, Televisión Autonómica de Murcia, Televisión Autonómica de Aragón; with the collaboration of Proddigi Digital Media, Utopic.
Screened: DocLisboa 2010 advance DVD screener, Lisbon, October 17th 2010.


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