105 minutes

Actor Joaquin Phoenix announces he is retiring from cinema to devote himself to a career in hip-hop, and his brother-in-law Casey Affleck films a documentary while mr. Phoenix's life disintegrates into an epic personality breakdown. Audacious, disappointing satire of celebrity, infamous for having actually been played for real by mr. Phoenix for two years while all around everyone wondered, only to be revealed as a stunt when the film finally opened to a general indifference from the public; the concept is sound, but its realisation hit-and-miss and severely underwhelming especially taking into account the stakes involved.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix.
Directed by Casey Affleck; produced by mr. Affleck, mr. Phoenix, Amanda White; written by mr. Affleck and mr. Phoenix; music by Marty Fogg (mr. Phoenix); camera (Foto-kem), mr. Affleck, Magdalena Gorka; film editors, mr. Affleck, Dody Dorn.
A Magnolia Pictures presentation of a They Are Going To Kill Us Productions production. (US distributor and world sales, Magnolia Pictures.) 
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Medeia King 1 (Lisbon), December 10th 2010. 


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