91 minutes

A divorced mother attempts to rebuild her life without letting the needs of her young son and the disapproval of society over her carefree choices affect her. An interesting premise and nice observational handling are thrown away on underdeveloped scripting and a game but miscast lead – who also happens to be the writer and director.

Starring Marina Déak, Yann Guillemot, Renaud Dehesdin, Paul Cahen, Agnès Château; and Aurélien Recoing.
Directed and written by Ms. Déak; produced by Agnès Vallée and Emmanuel Barraux; music by Michele Cammelli; director of photography (Eclair), Alexis Kavyrchine; production designer, Marjolaine Grandjean; costume designer, Cyril Fontaine; film editors, Mathias Bouffier, Pauline Rebière.
A 31 Juin Films presentation/production, with the participation of Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée; with the support of Région Picardie in partnership with CNC; and the participation of Cinécinéma; with the support of Commission Régionale du Film Picardie - ACAP - Pôle Image Picardie. 
Screened: Estoril Film Festival 2010 advance DVD screener, Lisbon, November 8th 2010. 


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