145 minutes

A Barcelona single dad who makes his living on the wrong side of the law finds he has only a few months to live. An extraordinary performance and the occasional flash of visual style are lost in a needlessly overwrought combination of three-handkerchief melodrama and earnest problem picture that throws in everything but the kitchen sink until it all but collapses underneath, made all the more bewildering by the obvious amount of talent involved.

Starring Javier Bardem; Maricel Álvarez, Eduard Fernández.
Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu; produced by mr. González Iñárritu, Jon Kilik, Fernando Bovaira; screenplay by mr. González Iñárritu, Armando Bo, Nicolás Giacobone, based on a story by mr. González Iñárritu; music by Gustavo Santaolalla; director of photography (Image Film, Panavision widescreen), Rodrigo Prieto; art director, Brigitte Broch; costume designer, Paco Delgado; film editor, Stephen Mirrione.
A Menage Atroz/Mod Producciones production, in association with Focus Features International; with the participation of Televisón Española; with the collaboration of ICAA; with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya; in co-production with Ikiru Films. (World sales, Focus Features International.)
Screened: distributor advance press screening, Castello Lopes screening room (Lisbon), January 21st 2011. 


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