The Sky Above

71 minutes

Another entry in the current cinéma du réel ("cinema of the real") movement that molds real life into loose fiction, Brazilian director Sérgio Borges' debut featre follows the daily routine of three "outcasts" of Belo Horizonte: Márcio (Márcio Jorge), a devout Hare Krishna follower who works in a call centre; Lwei (Edjucu Moio), an aspiring writer who lives for his work but has never published; and Everlyn (Sarug Dagir), a transexual prostitute-cum-university lecturer. Mr. Borges' approach is to "stage" their real lives as if they were fictional characters by asking them to recreate them before the camera, all the while introducing observational moments drawn from reality, thus creating a deliberate blurring of the borders between fiction and documentary.
     But mr. Borges' gambit fails in this particular case because there doesn't seem to be any logical rhyme or reason to his choices: there is no insight into Márcio's personality, for instance, turning his side of the story into the most quietly observational, whereas Everlyn and Lwei reveal so much about themselves the film loses any balance. Above all, the director fails to communicate to his viewers what really connects these three characters for him and why did he think it would be interesting to attempt this experience with them, turning O Céu sobre os Ombros into a self-defeating proposition.

Starring Edjucu Moio, Márcio Jorge, Sarug Dagir; with Grace Passô, Lili Fernandes, Jonatas Fernandes, Clécio Luz, Makely Ka, Wagner Rodrigues, Lilamrpa.
     Directed by Sérgio Borges; produced by Helvécio Marins Jr., mr. Borges, Luana Melgaço, Felipe Duarte, Clarissa Campolina; written by Manuela Dias, mr. Borges; director of photography (colour, Pro Dot digital intermediate), Ivo Lopes Araújo; film editor, Ricardo Pretti.
     A Teia/Orobó Filmes/Figa Films presentation/production; associate producer, Primo Filmes; with funding from the Belo Horizonte Cultural Incentive Municipal Law, Minas Gerais Government; with support from Cinema, Cinepro Dot, Serrassonica. (World sales, Figa Films.)
     Screened: IndieLisboa 2011 official selection advance DVD screener, Lisbon, May 6th 2011. 


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