Snakes on a Plane

(USA/Germany, 2006, 105 minutes)

A crate of poisonous snakes is unleashed in a flight bound to Los Angeles to eliminate a witness to a murder being escorted back to the US by a FBI agent. B-grade star thriller that started gathering a huge internet buzz months before its release simply thanks to its bewilderingly silly (but extremely accurate) title (at one point the producers changed it to Pacific Air Flight 121 only to change it back once they realized its brilliant silliness). It’s actually an anonymously handled combination of horror comic and disaster movie that is never as trashy as the title would have you think, nor as serious as it should be to have a shot at proper entertainment, but is a fun time-passer nevertheless.

New Line Cinema presents a Mutual Film Company production, in association with Meradine Zweite Produktions. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Bobby Cannavale, Flex Alexander, Todd Louiso, Sunny Mabrey, Kenan Thompson. Directed by David R. Ellis; produced by Gary Levinsohn, Don Granger and Craig Berenson; screenplay by John Heffernan and Sebastian Gutierrez, based upon a story by Heffernan and David Dallesandro; music by Trevor Rabin; director of photography, Adam Greenberg; production designer, Jaymes Hinkle; costume designer, Karen Matthews; film editor, Howard E. Smith; visual effects supervisor, Erik Henry.


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