(Portugal/France/Italy/Russia, 2006, 126 minutes)

A young Russian leaves her country and her family behind to make a better living abroad, but finds herself in the hands of human traffickers. Arthouse melodrama of the seedier side of contemporary society that, while powerfully presented and performed, is too abstract to be as harrowing as its makers intend it to be.

Paulo Branco presents a Clap Filmes/Gemini Films/Revolver production, in association with Hermitage Bridge Studio, with the support of ICAM, RTP, Centre National de la Cinématographie and TPS Star. Starring Ana Moreira, Viktor Rakov, Robinson Stévenin, Iaia Forte, Andrey Chadov, Tim, Filippo Timi, Dinara Droukarova. Directed and written by Teresa Villaverde; produced by Paulo Branco; director of photography, João Ribeiro; production designer, Zé Branco; costume designer, Sílvia Grabowski; film editor, Andrée Davanture.


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