(Portugal/France/Denmark, 1997, 97 minutes)

A young mother from the Lisbon slums finds out her boyfriend has run away with their newborn baby. Austere melodrama of tragedy and revenge, relentlessly bleak but dazzlingly presented and staged in a stylized manner.

Paulo Branco presents a Madragoa Filmes/Gemini Films/Zentropa Productions co-production, with the participation of IPACA and RTP and the support of Eurimages. Starring Vanda Duarte, Nuno Vaz, Maria Lipkina, Isabel Ruth, Inês de Medeiros, Miguel Sermão, Berta Susana Teixeira, Clotilde Montron, Zita Duarte. Directed and written by Pedro Costa; produced by Paulo Branco; director of photography, Emmanuel Machuel; art director, Zé Branco; wardrobe, Isabel Favila; film editor, Jackie Bastide.


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