(Great Britain / USA, 2006, 94 minutes)

During a magic show, a dead journalist appears to an American student, telling her that the son of a lord may be the serial killer all London is looking for. Lightweight but enjoyably old-fashioned murder mystery whose greatest drawback is its writer-director’s presence in a sidekick role that is surplus to the plot’s requirements.

Focus Features presents, in association with BBC Films and Ingenious Film Partners, a Jelly Roll production, produced in association with Phoenix Wiley; produced by Ingenious Film Partners on behalf of Tishimingo Productions. Starring Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Ian McShane; also starring Charles Dance, Romola Garai, Kevin R. McNally. Directed and written by Woody Allen; produced by Letty Aronson and Gareth Wiley; director of photography, Remi Adefarasin; production designer, Maria Djurkovic; costume designer, Jill Taylor; film editor, Alisa Lepselter.


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