(Portugal, 2006, 88 minutes)

A young man drifts around the countryside, but is he dreaming or are the characters that cross him real? Beautifully shot but dramatically non-existant abstract tone poem on the work of writer Teixeira de Pascoaes.

A Periferia Filmes presentation/production, with the financial support of ICAM, RTP, Banco BPI, Centro de Artes Visuais de Coimbra and Câmara Municipal de Amarante. Starring Guilherme Pinto, João Grosso, Luís Castro, Monica Calle; narrated by José Airosa. Directed and written by João Trabulo; produced by João Trabulo and Rodrigo Areias; music by João Carlos de Sousa; director of photography (Tobis; digital video), Paulo Abreu; wardrobe, Susana Abreu; film editor, Patrícia Saramago.


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