Torre Bela

(France/Portugal/Italy/Switzerland, 1978, 81 minutes)

After the Portuguese Revolution of 1974, a group of non-politically affiliated peasants takes over the local landowner’s property. Fascinating but little-seen documentary on the rise and fall of political idealism, starkly presented without any voiceover; originally premiered in a four-hour cut at Cannes in 1977, it has since been seen in wildly different lengths, from a “standard” 81m 1978 cut released on DVD to a 106m version recut by the director and released theatrically in 2007.

An Atalanta Filmes release. Luisa Orioli, Alexander Duly and Anna Devoto present a Anna Devoto—Paulo Branco/Era Nova/Società Cinematografica Italiana di Torre Bela/Lichtbild co-production. Directed by Thomas Harlan, in collaboration with Luisa Orioli, Anna Devoto, Jacques d'Arthuys, Luc Mohler; camera (Telecolor), Russell Parker, assisted by Gernot Kühler and José Reynes; sound, Norbert Chayer; film editor, Roberto Perpignani, in collaboration with Claudio Cutry, Giorgio de Vicenzo.


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