Black Moon

(France/Germany, 1974, 100 minutes)

In an apocalyptic future where the sexes are at actual war with each other, a young runaway finds her way to a stately manor inhabited by an old woman and a brother and sister pair where the normal logic of reality doesn't seem to apply. Strikingly shot, leadenly performed reverie with minimal dialogue; there's precious little narrative sense, but it remains strangely affecting in its deliberate impenetrableness.

A Louis Malle production; a NEF/Bioskop Film co-production. Starring Thérèse Giehse, Cathryn Harrison, Joe Dallesandro, Alexandra Stewart. Directed and written by Louis Malle; additional dialogue, Joyce Bunuel; director of photography (Eastmancolor), Sven Nykvist; art director, Ghislain Uhry; film editor, Suzanne Baron. 


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