Um Amor de Perdição

(Portugal/Brazil, 2008, 84 minutes)

A rabble-rousing teenager falls madly in love with the recluse daughter of a family who has a long-standing feud with his own. Romeo and Juliet story of teenage love, intelligently and smartly updated to modern times from a classic 19th century novel.

Paulo Branco and Roberto Tibiriçá present a Clap Filmes/Plateau Produções/Leopardo Filmes co-production, with the support of the Ibermedia programme and the participation of ICA and RTP. Starring Tomás Alves, Catarina Franco, Williom Brandão, Catarina Wallenstein, Ana Padrão, Rui Morrison, Virgílio Castelo, Rafael Morais, Ana Moreira. Directed and photographed (Light Film/Schwarz Film) by Mário Barroso; produced by Paulo Branco; screenplay by Carlos Saboga, based on the novel by Camilo Castelo Branco, Amor de Perdição; music by Bernardo Sassetti; art director, Isabel Branco; wardrobe, Lucha d'Orey; film editors, Francisco Garcia da Silva, Rui Mourão. 


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