Los Abrazos Rotos

Broken Embraces

(Spain/USA, 2009, 127 minutes)

A blind screenwriter is confronted with a tragic affair of his past when he learns of the death of the powerful financier who produced the last film he ever directed. Noir melodrama of passion and jealousy that is exquisitely handled and presented but whose convoluted scripting and time-shifting brings to the table nothing its director hasn't explored previously.

A Focus Features International release. An El Deseo presentation/production, in association with Universal Pictures International, ICAA; with financial support from Instituto de Crédito Oficial; with the participation of TVE and Canal Plus España. Starring Penélope Cruz, Lluís Homar, Blanca Portillo, José Luis Gómez, Rubén Ochandiano, Tamar Novas; and Angela Molina; with the participation of Chus Lampreave and Kiti Manver. Directed and written by Pedro Almodóvar; produced by Agustín Almodóvar, Esther García; music by Alberto Iglesias; director of photography (Fotofilm Deluxe, widescreen), Rodrigo Prieto; art director, Antxon Gómez; costume designer, Sonia Grande; film editor, José Salcedo.


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