La Forteresse

The Fortress

(Switzerland/Belgium, 2008, 101 minutes)

A documentary about an immigrant centre in the Swiss village of Vallorbe, where asylum seekers from all over the world stay while waiting for their requests to be processed. Attentive, eloquent documentary on the plight of immigrants.

A Climage presentation/production, in co-production with TSR, TSI, SRG SSR Idée Suisse, ARTE G. E. I. E.; with the support of Office Fédéral de la Culture (DFI), Fondation Vaudoise pour le Cinéma, Fonds Régio Films, Succès Passage Antenne, Succès Cinéma; with the participation of Radio et Télévision Belges Francophones.
Directed by Fernand Melgar; collaboration on writing and editing, Claude Muret; camera, Camille Cottagnoud; sound, Marc von Stürler; film editor, Karine Sudan.


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