Paranormal Activity

(USA, 2009, 86 minutes)

Trying to find the origin of the mysterious sounds that have been keeping them up at night, a San Diego couple sets up a video camera in their bedroom at night and realise a mysterious, supernatural presence is haunting their house. Rather old-fashioned haunted-house tale that relies on mood and suggestion rather than blood and gore given a modern sheen through its “found footage”/”home movie” angle; made for a pittance at the director's own place and shelved for two years, it became a surprise, $100-million-grossing hit.

An IM Global release (international). Blumhouse Productions presents a Paramount Pictures release of an Oren Peli/Solana Films production. 
Starring Micah Sloat, Katie Featherston, Mark Fredrichs.
Directed, written and edited by Oren Peli; produced by Oren Peli, Jason Blum.


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