93 minutes

In 1978 Santiago del Chile, a small-time dancer is obsessed with the lead character of Saturday Night Fever and will stop at nothing to achieve his dream of becoming the Chilean Tony Manero. Dark, disturbing character piece given added resonance by the political context in which it is placed and the quasi-vérité handling.

A Fabula production; with the support of Cine en Construcción, Corfo, Hubert Bals Fund; in co-production with Prodigital, Universidad de las Comunicaciones, TVN.
Starring Alfredo Castro; Amparo Noguera, Héctor Morales, Elsa Poblete, Paola Lattus, Nicolás Musso; and the participation of Enrique Maluenda.
Directed by Pablo Larraín; produced by Juan de Dios Larraín; written by Pablo Larraín, Mateo Iribarren, Alfredo Castro; director of photography (Cinecolor), Sergio Armstrong González; art director, Polín Garbisú; costume designer, Muriel Parra; film editor, Andrea Chignoli. 
Screened: distributor press screening, Cinema City Classic Alvalade 4 (Lisbon), February 25th 2010.


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