Apart Together

97 minutes

Two lovers separated by the Chinese civil war reunite after sixty years apart after he is finally allowed to return to Shanghai, with unexpected results. Modest melodrama of modern China that crams far too much than it can stand on its slender frame; the excellent performances go a long way towards making it palatable.

A Celluloid Dreams (int'l) release. A Lightshades Film Productions/Xi'an Movie and Television Production Company/Jiuzhou Audio Publishing Company/Western Movie Group Company/Beijing Zhongtian Peak Culture Communication Company production.
Starring Lisa Lu, Ling Feng, Xu Caigen, Ma Xiaoqing, Monica Mo.
Directed by Wang Quan'an; produced by Wang Quan'an, Wang Le, Du Daning, Wang Zhanliang, Ouwen, Ruan Yusheng; written by Wang Quan'an, Jin Na; music by Ma Peng; director of photography (Beijing Cinelabs), Lutz Reitemeier; production designer, Yu Baiyang; costume designer, Zhang Min; film editor, Wu Yixang.
Screened: Berlin Film Festival advance press screening, Cinemaxx 7 (Berlin), February 11th 2010. 


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