83 minutes

A working-class family in the Belgian town of Seraing struggles to make ends meet. Self-consciously arty attempt at miserablist social melodrama in the vein of the Dardenne brothers, but without anything new to add or the brothers' narrative talent.

A De Productie presentation/production, in co-production with Tarantula, with support from the Netherlands Film Fund, Mondriaan Foundation, Rotterdam Media Fund.
Starring Benjamin Willem, Julie Anson, Patrick Descamps, Arthur Egle, Besnik Limani, Alain Bellot, Thibault Remacle, Aurélie Henceval, Sam Rushton, Simon Drahonnet, Damien Trapletti, Christine Argenton, Eddie Roth, Jean-Marie Barbier.
Directed by Martijn Maria Smits; produced by René Goossens, Annemiek van Gort; written by Mr. Smits, Bastiaan Kroeger; music by Ernst Reijseger; director of photography (colour), Benito Strangio; art director, Laurie Colson; costume designer, Claudine Tychon; film editors, Mr. Smits, Axel Skovdal Roelofs.
Screened: IndieLisboa festival advance DVD screener, Lisbon, April 26th 2010.


Anonymous said…
really?, I saw it In IndyLisboa and found this film actually very good. It adds something to your so called "the brothers narrative" 1) is the use of documentary, of real people, of real settings...but maybe you didn't notice it cause you feld yourself too depressed all the time. Secondly their was music and 8mm footage. The music was brilliant and I loved it within the combination of the 8mm footage. And third...well offcourse the budget, this film was made with at least 10 times less money....therefor if you feel again to compare it to the any film of the Dardenne's, maybe you should do this to first films that they made.

But still; my girlfriend and me enjoyed it very much.

Aldo Barbosa

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