Juventude em Marcha

Colossal Youth

(Portugal/France/Switzerland, 2006, 156 minutes)

An old man living in a Lisbon slum waiting for his new house to be assigned is abandoned by his wife and spends his days visiting his many children. Visually dazzling but maddeningly opaque arthouse piece combining documentary footage into a quasi-narrative; a sequel of sorts to its director’s previous Bones and In Vanda’s Room, shot in the same real-life Lisbon slum (since replaced by council projects) and sharing a number of characters.

Contracosta presents a Contracosta production in co-production with Les Films de l'Étranger, Unlimited, Ventura Film, RTP and RTSI, with the support of ARTE France and financing from ICAM and Centre National de la Cinématographie. With Ventura, Vanda Duarte, Beatriz Duarte, Gustavo Sumpta, Cila Cardoso, Isabel Cardoso, Alberto Barros, António Semedo, Paulo Nunes, José Maria Pina, André Semedo, Alexandre Silva, Paula Barrulas. Directed by Pedro Costa; produced by Francisco Villa-Lobos; camera, Pedro Costa and Leonardo Simões; film editor, Pedro Marques.


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