(USA, 2006, 138 minutes)

At the end of the Mayan empire, a Mayan hunting party raids and ravages a small jungle community, taking their warriors to become human sacrifices; but one of the warriors, who left his pregnant wife and child safe behind, decides to fight his captivity. Intriguing but failed epic entirely spoken in the Mayan dialect Yucatec by a cast of local unknowns that ends up being an exotic and thinly-plotted chase movie for most of its length, despite the ponderous attempts at meaningfulness; the generally unpleasant and unnecessary graphic violence is a big minus.

Icon Entertainment presents an Icon production. Starring Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernandez, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Birdyellowhead, Carlos Emilio Baez, Amilcar Ramirez, Israel Contreras Vasquez, Israel Rios, Isabel Diaz, Espiridion Acosta Canche, Mayra Serbulo Cortes, Iazua Larios Ruiz, Hiram Soto, Raoul Trujillo, Gerardo Taracena, Rodolfo Palacios, Ariel Galvan, Bernardo Ruiz Juarez, Ricardo Diaz Mendoza, Richard Can, Carlos Enriques Ramos Avilar, Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza, Marco Antonio Argueta, Maria Isidra Hoil. Directed by Mel Gibson; produced by Mel Gibson and Bruce Davey; written by Mel Gibson and Farhad Safinia; music by James Horner; director of photography, Dean Semler; production designer, Tom Sanders; costume designer, Mayes C. Rubeo; film editor, John Wright; special make-up and prosthetics designed by Keith Vanderlaan.


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