Body Rice

(Portugal, 2006, 118 minutes)

A group of German teenagers sent to Portugal to a social reinsertion programme wander around the countryside looking for a meaning to their lives. Oblique arthouse piece that does not want to have a story to tell (good, because it doesn’t have one) but is unable to substitute it for anything else other than emptiness.

An Atalanta Filmes release. Paulo Branco presents a Clap Filmes production, with the support of ICAM and RTP. Starring Sylte Fee Wegmann, Alice Dwyer, André Hennicke, Luís Guerra, Julika Jenkins, Pedro Hestnes. Directed and written by Hugo Vieira da Silva; produced by Paulo Branco; director of photography, Paulo Ares; set decorators, Nuno Mega, João Mega, João Faria, Jörg, Rui Coelho; costume designer, Maria Gambina; film editor, Paulo Milhomens.


Anonymous said…
obvious this obscure film critic (?) has nothing to say. Cannot even articulate one idea...humm, I think you are inverting the terms...

About the film in one word..."masterpiece"
Anonymous said…
Well, as with everything else it's a matter of opinion (horrible cliched coup-out, I know). But FWIW Body Rice was a file that I thoroughly enjoyed. The "emptiness" comment was something that I actually can agree on, but it was such a delightful, deliberate emptiness. One of the best soundtracks that I have ever heard, and a flick that will share critics but I found nothing short of brilliant.

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