L'Odore del Sangue

(Italy/France, 2004, 101 minutes)

After 20 years of life in common, a couple agrees to each other’s side affairs, but the husband finds himself taken aback when the wife confides she has taken a much younger lover. Surprisingly absorbing two-hander on the themes of love and obsession, with things more suggested than actually seen.

A Studio Canal presentation. Mikado presents a Mikado/Biancafilm/Arcapix/Babe production. Starring Michele Placido, Fanny Ardant, Giovanna Giuliani. Directed by Mario Martone; produced by Donatella Botti; screenplay by Mario Martone, from the novel The Smell of Blood by Goffredo Parise; director of photography, Cesare Accetta; production designer, Sergio Tramonti; costume designer, Paola Marchesin; film editor, Jacopo Quadri.


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