Suicídio Encomendado

(Portugal, 2007, 90 minutes)

A miserable young man is approached by a company specialised in organising suicides. A clever premise for an absurdist black comedy is wasted in what is essentially a cheap short pointlessly and amateurishly extended to feature length. Worth a mark for trying.

Francisco Bravo Ferreira presents an FBF Filmes release and production. Starring João Fino, José Wallenstein, Neuza Teixeira, Eloy Monteiro, Ana Melo, Luís Lucas. Directed and written by Artur Serra Araújo; produced by Francisco Bravo Ferreira; music by Pedro Marques; director of photography (mini-DV blown-up to 35mm), Pedro Azevedo; art director and costume designer, Zezinha Araújo; film editor, Henrique da Silva.


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