Hamaca Paraguaya

(France/Argentina/Netherlands/Paraguay/Austria/Spain/Germany, 2006, 76 minutes)

An aging Paraguayan farming couple sit on their hammock bickering at one another, worrying about their son who has gone off to war. What starts off as a purely formal arthouse exercise, with the story mainly told through the (non-sync) sound, turns out to be an affecting meditation on life, though one that only more discerning audiences will sit through.

A Slot Machine/Lita Stantic Producciones/Fortuna Films/Silencio Cine production, in co-production with ARTE France Cinéma, New Crowned Hope Festival Vienna 2006, Wanda Vision and CMW Film Company; with the participation of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, CNC, Fonds Sud Cinéma, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Cinema Fund and Instituto Nacional del Cine y del Audiovisual Argentino; with the support of Göteborg Film Festival Fund, Fundación Typa, Fondec, Fundación Carolina and Prince Claus Foundation for Culture and Development. Starring Georgina Genes and Ramon del Rio. Directed and written by Paz Encina; produced by Lita Stantic, Marianne Slot, Ilse Hughan; director of photography (colour), Willi Behnisch; art director, Carlo Spatuzza; film editor, Miguel Schverdfinger.


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