(Chile, 2006, 74 minutes)

A young unemployed woman undergoes several job interviews in search of work as a secretary that never seems to materialize. Gripping, minimalist no-budget melodrama carried by ingenious handling and a superbly controlled lead performance.

Microfilm presents a Silicio/Sud.Cine/Sure production. Starring Carola Carrasco, Constanza Aguirre, Camila Aguirre, Daniela Yuri, Daniela Salinas, Ana Domínguez, Ignacio García, Trinidad Squella, Daniela Riveros, Daniela Rios, Sylvia Hernández, Benjamín Berger. Directed, produced and written by Oscar Cárdenas; director of photography (colour, digital video), Carlos Vásquez Méndez; film editor, Daniel Ferreira.


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