Three Dollars

(Australia, 2005, 120 minutes)

A respected but broke chemical engineer whose wife has just lost her own job and who is about to veto a hefty development project on contaminated soil wonders whether he is doing the right thing. Would-be inspirational melodrama whose refusal to play by the tearjerker rules effectively nips it in the bud.

A Becker Films International presentation of a Dendy Films release. Film Finance Corporation Australia presents an Arenafilm production, in association with Showtime Australia and Fandango. Starring David Wenham, Frances O'Connor, Sarah Wynter, Robert Menzies, David Roberts, Nicole Nabout; and introducing Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik. Directed by Robert Connolly; produced by John Maynard; screenplay by Robert Connolly and Elliot Perlman, based on the novel Three Dollars by Elliot Perlman; music by Alan John; director of photography (Cinevex), Tristan Milani; production designer, Luigi Pittorino; costume designer, Sandi Cichello; film editor, Nick Meyers.


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