Lacombe Lucien

(France/Italy/Germany, 1974, 136 minutes)

In occupied France in 1944, a teenage bully becomes a collaborator with the German police but falls in love with the daughter of a Jewish tailor in hiding. Powerful, groundbreaking wartime drama on a subject usually ignored until then by mainstream French cinema, shot almost entirely on location and with a superb performance by an untrained lead. 

A NEF/UPF/Vides-Film/Hallelujah-Film production. Starring Pierre Blaise, Aurore Clément, Holger Lowenadler, Thérèse Giehse, Stéphane Bouy, Loumi Iacobesco, René Bouloc, Pierre Decazes, Jean Rougerie, Cécile Ricard, Jacqueline Staup, Ave Ninchi, Pierre Saintons, Gilberte Rivet, Jacques Rispal, Jean Bousquet. Directed by Louis Malle; written by Louis Malle, Patrick Modiano; music, Django Reinhardt, André Claveau, Irène de Trébert; director of photography (Eastmancolor), Tonino delli Colli; costume designer, Corinne Jorry; film editor, Suzanne Baron. 


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