Man on Wire

(Great Britain/USA, 2007, 93 minutes)

In August 1974, French wirewalker Philippe Petit walked a tightrope rigged between the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York; thirty years later, he and his team remember the occasion. Smart documentary that picks up on a forgotten fait-divers of its day and spins an interesting moodpiece on remembrance and dreams off of it, but looks sometimes more at ease on the small screen.

Discovery Films, BBC Storyville and the UK Film Council present a Wall to Wall production, in association with Red Box Films. Directed by James Marsh; produced by Simon Chinn; based on the book by Philippe Petit, To Reach the Clouds; music by Michael Nyman, J. Ralph; director of photography (Duart/DeLuxe), Igor Martinovic; production designer (reconstruction sequences), Sharon Lomofsky; costume designer (reconstruction sequences), Kathryn Nixon; film editor, Jinx Godfrey. 


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