Linha de Passe

(Brazil/Great Britain/USA, 2008, 112 minutes)

The daily grind of a pregnant single mother from a São Paulo shantytown and her four teenage sons. Bleak, impressionist melodrama of modern Brazilian society that neither glamorises nor cheapens its subject and avoids the usual well-meaning traps.

A Pathé/Media Rights Capital presentation. Pathé presents a Videofilmes production. Starring Sandra Corveloni, Vinicius de Oliveira, João Baldasserini, José Geraldo Rodrigues, Kaique de Jesus Santos. Directed by Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas; produced by Maurício Andrade Ramos, Rebecca Yeldham; written by George Moura, Daniela Thomas, with the collaboration of Bráulio Mantovani, João Emanuel Carneiro; music by Gustavo Santaolalla; director of photography (Megacolor), Mauro Pinheiro Jr.; art director, Valdy Lopes Jr.; costume designer, Cássio Brasil; film editors, Gustavo Giani, Lívia Serpa.


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