Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen

Even Dwarves Started Small

(West Germany, 1970, 95 minutes)

The inmates at an isolated asylum rebel against authority and take over the facility. Plotless, apocalyptic portrait of anarchy and chaos at work made all the more disturbing by all its performers being dwarves; very typical of its time and of its director's no-holds-barred approach.

A Werner Herzog Filmproduktion production. Starring Helmut Döring, Gerd Gickel, Paul Glauer, Erna Gschwendtner, Gisela Hertwig, Gerhard März, Hertel Minkner, Alfredo Piccini, Gertraud Piccini, Brigitte Saar, Marianne Saar, Erna Smolarz, Lajos Zsarnoczay. Directed and written by Werner Herzog; director of photography (b&w), Thomas Mauch; film editor, Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus.


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