Los Olvidados

(Mexico, 1950, 80 minutes)

The violent, hopeless daily life of Mexico City slum kids. Powerful, harrowing melodrama raised above problem picture level by a bleak ruthlessness spiked with its director's trademark surrealist touches.

An Ultramar Films presentation/production. Starring Estela Inda, Miguel Inclán, Alfonso Mejía, Roberto Cobo, Alma Delia Fuentes; Francisco Jambrina, Jesús García Navarro, Efraín Arauz, Sergio Villarreal, Jorge Pérez, Javier Amézcua, Mario Ramírez. Directed by Luís Buñuel; produced by Oscar Dancigers; written by Luís Buñuel and Luís Alcoriza; music by Rodolfo Halffter, based on themes by Gustavo Pittaluga; director of photography (b&w), Gabriel Figueroa; production designer, Edward Fitzgerald; film editor, Carlos Savage.


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