My Dinner with Andre

(USA, 1981, 111 minutes)

A playwright-actor and a director who haven't seen each other in years discuss life, art and happiness over dinner. Peculiar little two-hander born out of real-life conversations by its writers and stars that manages to make gripping cinema out of a theatrical conceit but, despite being unable to sustain it throughout a feature length, went on to have a long shelf life as a cult movie. 

A George W. George presentation in association with Michael White; production supervised by Saga Productions. Starring Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn; with Jean Lenauer, Roy Butler. Directed by Louis Malle; produced by George W. George, Beverly Karp; written by Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory; music by Allen Shawn; director of photography (Movielab), Jeri Sopanen; production designer, David Mitchell; costume designer, Jeffrey Ullman; film editor, Suzanne Baron. 


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