Two Lovers

(USA/France, 2008, 109 minutes)

A suicidal Brighton Beach photographer falls in love with his new upstairs neighbor, a glamorous but confused girl in a relationship with a married man, while his family is trying to hook him up with the nice daughter of a business associate. Muted, old-fashioned romantic melodrama that seems a throwback to the 1970s.

Magnolia Pictures, 2929 Productions and Wild Bunch present a Tempesta Films production. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow; Vinessa Shaw, Isabella Rossellini, Elias Koteas, Moni Moshonov. Directed by James Gray; produced by Donna Gigliotti, James Gray, Anthony Katagas; written by James Gray, Richard Menello; music adapted and arranged by Christopher Spelman; director of photography (Technicolor, widescreen), Joaquín Baca-Asay; production designer, Happy Massee; costume designer, Michael Clancy; film editor, John Axelrad.


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