Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

(USA/Great Britain, 2008, 96 minutes)

A documentary on the convoluted court case that followed Roman Polanski's 1977 arrest in Los Angeles for having unagreed sex with a 13-year old. Intriguing, well-made documentary that sheds light on a little known side of a controversial moment in the career of a controversial director while declining to take a side on the subject.

The Weinstein Company presents, in association with Graceful Pictures and the BBC, an Antidote Films production.
Directed by Marina Zenovich; produced by Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, Lila Yacoub, Marina Zenovich; written by Joe Bini, P. G. Morgan, Marina Zenovich; music by Mark degli Antoni; director of photography (Technicolor), Tanja Koop; film editor, Joe Bini.


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