76 minutes

Two men and a woman kidnap the former boss of the deceased brother of one of them. Bewilderingly oblique arthouse moodpiece that abandons conventional narrative after its first twenty minutes and then meanders amiably but apparently pointlessly through some striking visuals.

Paulo Branco presents a Clap Filmes production, with the financial support of ICA and RTP-1.
Starring Sofia Marques, Diogo Dória, Ricardo Aibéo; António Fonseca, Meirinho Mendes, Rita Loureiro, João Cabral.
Directed and written by Inês Oliveira; produced by Paulo Branco; music by João Madureira; director of photography (Light Film), Paulo Abreu; art directors, Maria José Branco, Nuno Gabriel Melo; wardrobe, Margarida Morins; film editor, Rui Mourão.
Screened: distributor press screening, King 1 (Lisboa), February 24th 2010. 


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