Night and Day

South Korea
145 minutes

Afraid he'll be imprisoned for having smoked marijuana, a married Seoul artist runs away to Paris where he wanders the city and seduces a haughty art student. Conversational, existential melodrama in the French vein that would be a lot more interesting at half its pointlessly protracted length.

KTB Network, the Korean Film Council and Cheongeoram present a Bom Film Productions production.
Starring Kim Young-ho, Park Eun-hye, Hwang Su-jung, Kee Joo-bong, Kim You-jin, Seo Min-jeong, Lee Sun-kyun, Jung Ji-hye.
Directed and written by Hong Sang-soo; produced by Oh Jung-wan; music by Jeong Yong-jin; director of photography (colour), Kim Hoon-kwang; film editor, Hahm Sung-won.
Screened: Berlin Film Festival advance press screening, Berlinale Palast (Berlin), February 12th 2008; distributor DVD screener, Lisbon, May 8th 2010. 


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